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Old Connecticut (Alma Mater)

Although penned in the early 1900's and rooted in a much earlier day in the University's history, the University's Alma Mater, Old Connecticut, speaks to the same sense of community, loyalty, and pride present in every 'Connecticut Alum' today.

Old Connecticut

Once more, as we gather today,
To sing our Alma Mater's praise,
And join in the fellowship strong,
Which inspires our college days.
We're backing our teams in the strife
Cheering them to victory!
And Pledge anew to old Connecticut,M
Our steadfast spirit of loyalty.

Connecticut, Connecticut,
Thy sons and daughters true
Unite to honor thy name,
Our fairest White and Blue.

When times, shall have severed us far,
and the years their changes bring,
the thought of the college we love
in our memories will cling.
For friendships that ever remain,
and association’s dear, We’ll raise a song, to
old Connecticut, and join our voices in our
long cheer

  • Written by University alumna Alice Sawin Davis, Class of 1925
  • Hear Old Connecticut sung here.