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Frequently Asked Questions

I am going to visit the University; can I sit in on a practice?

We would love to have you join us. Please click here to let us know you'd like to come and we'll contact you.

How often do you practice?

Practices will be held no more than twice per week during the semester for no more than 3 hours per practice. No practices will be held during final exams. Specific dates/times of practices will depend on the schedules of coaches and squad members.

Throughout the year, but particularly at the start of the new season, practices will focus heavily on learning and perfecting all cheers, chants, band dances and of course the fight song!

Do you have an attendance policy?

Yes, all members of the squad are expected be at all practices. Academic and emergency situations are the only exceptions. The coach and captains must be notified in advance of a late or missed practice. Failure to attend practices may result in disciplinary action.

I am afraid being on the Cheerleading Team will take up too much time. Will I have enough time to study?

First and foremost you are a student here at the University of Connecticut. The University will expect you to maintain your academic eligibility. Cheerleading Team members will practice up to 6 hours per week during the semester. When combined with cheering at home basketball games and other appearances one can expect to spend approximately 17 hours per week on Cheerleading Team activities.

Does the school provide apparel for the team members?

Yes, the university provides each member with uniform, workout and appearance apparel as well as other equipment and props.

Will I need gymnastics, or cheer, or dance experience?

You will not need to have gymnastics, dance, or cheer experience to be eligible for the Cheerleading Team.